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for sports transactions

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BonaMea Sport

BonaMea Dataroom Sport can be used for various transactions (e.g. player sales, player purchases), but also as an archive for administrating the whole club, and sharing documents/information based on a unique directory structure. Can also be used to control the document flow before and after board meetings. Secure and easy to handle.

Archive export - we offer ZIP export of all files, as well as the possibility to easily copy the entire Data Room, e.g. in relation to a transaction.

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Data room as archive

BonaMea Data Room can also be used as an archive, organised based on the desired structure and structure of different data rooms with a common or unique directory structure.

Price per month includes an unlimited number of data rooms, and all the other functionalities related to access and sharing are part of the service.

Skjermdump Data Room Sport

Access from all devices

All documents in one place - gather all important documents in one place, for full control and overview.

Access from all devices, with secure and easy access control. New documents can be uploaded by using an easy drag and drop functionality.

Data Room Sport
From only 500 EUR

  • Unlimited number of data rooms and users
  • Ongoing contract with no binding period
  • Q&A - Question and Answers
  • Export og Support
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